Michelle Littlejohn

Regional Property Supervisor

Michelle joined Maestri-Murrell Property Management in 2016. She has over nine years’ experience in successfully managing and overseeing multi-family and senior housing in the Mississippi region. Michelle joined the company as a community manager and throughout her first year she has shown her strong skillset in managing, leasing and overseeing a property while also showcasing her willingness in taking on challenging tasks. She was quickly recognized for her strong sales and leasing expertise which was showcased in her proven ability to maintain high occupancy. In addition, she successfully completed the lease up for a high-end luxury Multi-Family property in Hattiesburg, MS. Michelle has since joined the corporate office as a Regional Property Supervisor and is now responsible for overseeing operations for both Multi-Family and commercial properties.

In addition to her proven expertise in community management and leasing, Michelle is an innovative problem solver who has a history of implementing new techniques with overwhelming success. She has repeatedly shown the capability to identify problems, research creative solutions, and execute effective business decisions in not only Multi-Family, but also commercial property management roles. As an enthusiastic and dedicated leader, she uses example-based leadership to drive productivity and overall growth.

Expertise & Strengths

  • Extensive knowledge in Multi-Family Housing
  • Property Analysis and Budgeting Supervision and Training
  • Compliance and HUD reporting
  • Strong performance in generating profitability, organized operational skills, and teambuilding through example-based leadership
  • Develop strategies to aid and maintain annual growth

Affiliations & Memberships

  • Mississippi Apartment Association
  • Mississippi Apartment Association – currently serving on the Board of Directors